Somebody New.  Barbara Fulton. Jazz CD
Somebody New


Somebody New

Somebody New is a CD of jazz standards and the first of many to come from the Stratford based Barbara Fulton. The music is as much about the arrangements and the musicians as it is about the startling agility of Barbara Fulton’s voice.

There are some fine jazz musicians here who should be mentioned:

The Musicians:

  • Paul Shilton: Piano
  • Dave Campion: Drums
  • Kevin Muir: Bass
  • Earl Filsinger: Guitar
  • Matt Brubeck: cello
  • Ian Harper: Clarinet
  • Dave Wiffen: Saxophon
  • Steve Podhornik: Trumpet


Recorded at Swamp Studio. Engineered by Jay Riehl, Ryan Tuer, Dave Kalmusky. Mastered by Andy Krehm for Silverbirch Productions.

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Paul Shilton: piano, keyboard, accordian, Dave Campion: Drums, percussion, Matt Lima: bass, Dave Thompson: Guitar, Ted Gibbons: guitar, Steve McDade: trumpet, Dave Wiffen: saxophone, Rob Stone: trombone, Mike Wood: vibes, Drew Jurecka: violin


John Hazen. Recorded at Kelly and Ray’s house and Knox Church Amphitheatre.